Evergreen Trees

Our Family Helps Make Your Family's Holiday

Goderie’s Tree Farm, established in 1970, is a small family owned Tree Farm/Nursery located in the foothills of the Adirondacks consisting of approximately 250 acres used in the production of Nursery StockChristmas Trees and supporting Woodlots.

Tree installation, free advise and Landscaping services are also available.

Balsam and mixed evergreen wreaths are available from mid October through December and certain sizes can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

  • Cut Your Own Tree
    Seven Days a week

    A Time Honored Tradition to enjoy with the whole family

  • Pick Out Your Tree
    While the Weather is still Beautiful!

    Goderie’s Tree Farm has been letting families Pre-Tag their Christmas tree in the fall. This unique service has been offered for over 25 years and allows the individual or family to come in early in the season while the weather is nice, select their tree and give Goderie’s Tree Farm a pick up date.

  • Fresh cut trees
    brought in daily

    There are hundreds of pre-cut trees of all sizes, varieties and price ranges to choose from. Fresh cut trees from 3 ft to 18 ft in height are brought in daily.

    a large selection of balsam and mixed evergreen wreaths

    Other evergreen items available include kissing balls, sprays, garland and bundles of boughs as well as many other related items such as tree stands, wreath hangers, removal bags, tree fountains as well as some handmade crafts from local artists.

A Single Tree
or and Entire Forest

we can help you with your treescape.

Goderie’s Tree Farm started diversifying from Christmas Trees in 1984 and began growing nursery stock that was hardy enough to withstand the harsh upstate New York winters.

We do not stock pile large quantities of live trees and instead focus on getting trees out and back in the ground as soon as possible. Many homeowners as well as Landscapers will pre select the live trees they want in the off digging season and the staff at Goderie’s Tree Farm will notify them when the trees are dug and ready for their new home.

Installations can also be arranged.


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